Battle Daylight Savings Time Fatigue

Daylight savings is upon us, and even though some of us have gained an hour of sleep, that doesn’t mean we won’t be feeling some adverse effects after those clocks fall an hour backwards. Here are a few ways you can combat those winter blues and feel like your happy, centered self:

1. Create a Sleep Schedule

The first thing that gets thrown off when our clocks change is our sleep cycles. This is because our circadian rhythm is determined by the patterns we keep when we sleep, as well as the light we are exposed to. When this changes, our internal clocks no longer align with the time on our physical clocks. If you create a sleep schedule to implement before the change, it may help you make the transition a little smoother.

2. Caffeinate in the Morning

If you are an avid coffee drinker, the little boost from your caffeine may be just enough to help you get through your day and fight off that fatigue! If you need caffeine immediately in the morning, we say go for it. However, do your best to wait until after 9:30 AM if possible—your body is actually most naturally awake between 8 and 9 AM!

3. Eat Complex Carbohydrates

This may be one of the most important aspects to successfully fighting off that fatigue you may start feeling. Processed sugars and sweets may taste good, but they cause an energy crash in almost no time at all—something you certainly don’t want while your internal clock is working extra hard to catch up with your sleep schedule change. Switching your diet to complex carbs, such as fruits, veggies, and whole grains can help give you some natural energy that can power you through the entire day.

The carbohydrates in fruits and veggies take longer to break down than those in sweets, which is why they give you more energy. The energy boost you get from these superfoods is enough to keep you going all day long—without a crash at the end of the day. How many servings does it take to give you that energy rush and positive mood? Studies suggest around eight servings a day, which is MUCH more than the average person consumes. That’s why we at Kaleidoscope Juice offer our juice cleanses and mixes. They make eating healthy simple, effortless, and delicious.

4. Get Together with Friends

Nothing cheers up the winter blues and fatigue quite like getting together with friends! Surrounding yourself with positive energy and happiness is a wonderful way to stay centered and happy about your life, regardless of what’s going on outdoors with the weather.


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