Top Reasons to Choose Organic

You’ve been hearing about organic food for years now, but here’s why you should choose organic food over the alternatives:

Avoid Chemicals

Pesticides are often used on agriculture in the United States, and very few studies have been done about the long-term effects of consuming these pesticides. Since the FDA only tests about 1 percent of these foods for pesticide residue, it’s extremely likely that we consume pesticides every day. Organic food does not have this problem, as the produce is grown without pesticides.

Get More Nutrients

When organically grown food is cared for, it grows in nourishing soil with responsible and sustainable standards. This often leads to organic food containing more vitamins and nutrients to keep you feeling fuller and healthier.

Reduce Pollution

Chemicals and pesticides from the agriculture industry are contaminating our water, our air, and our earth. Organic foods do not allow these chemicals to harm the soil they grow in nor the water they use to grow. 

Support Farming

Farmers work hard to grow their own crops to distribute to those who appreciate the value of chemical-free produce. Most of the cost of a commercial food item goes to cleaning up hazardous waste and pesticide testing; it does not reflect the price of the food item itself.


Choose Kaleidoscope Juice

We guarantee that all of our juices are non-GMO, organic, and full of nutrients. We believe in treating ourselves and our environment with love and respect. If you are ready to make the switch to organic living, stop in and see us today!