Our Mission

To nourish everyone who comes into contact with Kaleidoscope Juice with our organic cold pressed juice, high vibe foods and uplifting shop experience so that we can live happy, purpose-filled lives.

If you don’t take care of your body then where will you live?

A Way of Living

Kaleidoscope Juice is not about passing fads and trends, but rather is part of the sea change in how people choose to lead their lives. If juicing is an important facet, so too are the other critical components that we offer our customers in our wide range of healthy but delicious snacks, entrées and baked goods. As health conscious consumption has left it's image of Birkenstocks and granola long behind and has entered the mainstream, consumers are increasingly aware that they are, indeed, what they eat. 

Our brand is part of a much larger movement that mitigates against the perils of gigantic portions swimming with cheap calories that have led to an epidemic of obesity, heart disease and juvenile-onset diabetes. Increasingly, there is little need to preach the ethic, because many people eat now not to fill a void cheaply, but to consider that conscious consumption leads to well being, longevity and an empowered, happier life. 

- Alexandra Maw