Clear the Clutter

If you are feeling a strong urge to suddenly

c l e a r the c l u t t e r

from your life… it may be because it is officially

Libra season

. . . . . .

Libra season is known to

bring on new beginnings


find balance and harmony

[[ in all areas of life ]]

This time of year manifests those "I need to get my life organized" type of feels. It may have something to do with

  • the fast approaching holiday season

  • the fact that summer has OFFICIALLY ended ((praise be))

  • being full-blown back into work or school mode

  • the realization that the end of 2018 is only 2.5 months away

W H A T E V E R it is ——>

We have some {secrets to success} for you on how to

get organized and stay that way


Tip # 1:


You know that feeling as you are ‘driving to work’ or ‘laying in bed’ and your mind is just SWARMING with *all the things* you need to get done that day?

Instead of letting this BUZZ on all day & all night

|| pull out your phone OR a good 'ol post-it note ||


jot down e v e r y t h i n g you need to do that day

...and we mean E V E R Y T H I N G !!!

Down to—> washing your hair or stopping to get gas <— this WILL help relieve the stress of forgetting any long lost tasks. Take your list: and check things off ONE-by-ONE after completing them.

This visual ‘‘checkmarking’’ WILL give you a sense of accomplishment and in turn give you the M0T!VAT!0N to complete your all your personal honey-do’s!

Making lists is a great way to

un-clutter your MIND

Adding this into your routine WILL help you be (more proactive) both at work and in life. So let your ‘drive to work’ or your time ‘laying in bed’ be more relaxing and reflective of how good it is to be HAPPY & HEALTHY


Tip # 2:


-Cutting out- the guess work on what or where you are going to eat for your meals & snacks gives you the opportunity to ---> focus on your health priorities.

Yes. . . we know. . . easier said than done. . .

Weekly meal prep takes some planning and effort ((but if that's not your thing)) grabbing a few of your favorite meals from your favorite local healthy restaurant *cough*Kaleidoscope*cough* is very helpful! Become more mindful of what you WANT to put into your body and planning will help you put what you NEED into your ‘d i e t’ (for lack of a better word).

*Always keep


foods on hand for a quick lunch or an easy dinner*

This will give you less of a reason to H↑T-UP the vending machine -down-the-hall- and nix any urges to cruise on through a drive-thru after work.

Knowing where your meals are coming from is an easy way to:

  • r e l i e v e some stress

  • stay on track with your GOALS

  • properly fuel you for your day

REALLY… just makes life a little easier.

|| 10 out of 10 ||

we highly recommend


Tip # 3:



Seriously? So obvious right? But why are we not doing it?

Clean out your car

Straighten up your desk

Do the dishes in the sink

Make your bed in the morning

These little things make a HUUUUUGE difference in making your life

feel less cluttered.

The best part: Most of these tasks take UNDER 5 MINUTES to complete!


Tip # 4:


What is the best way to clear the clutter out of your body?  We recommend a juice cleanse. Juice cleansing is SO good for you for SO many reasons… these are a few of our favorite things:

  • clears [t o x i n s]

  • flushes the gut

  • gives all 30 feet of your digestive tract a break

  • r e s e t s your system

  • rids of all the JUNK inside of you

———> all while still nourishing you

We often hear people overall feel healthier, their minds feel more clear, and they make better diet choices post juice cleanse. Many recent research journal studies are showing the connection between your gut health and how it affects your mentality and mood…

the healthier the gut = the healthier the mind

When you invest in cleaning up your insides, e v e r y t h i n g feels more clear…. it is hard to argue with science people.


Tip # 5:


When you schedule your workouts, you are more ↑inclined↑ to actually follow through. Like, you don’t really want to go to the dentist initially either… but you schedule an appointment and you go! When people make a commitment to do something, it makes it a little harder to bail, right?

Most group fitness studios require you to -reserve your spot- in order to take the class. But what about scheduling your own private (@ home) workouts?

+ Add an alarm on your phone 20 minutes before your set time

+ Create an event in google calendars

+ Write it down in your planner (if you are old fashioned like that)

Get it into your mind early on in the week

Get excited for your ‘YOU’ time

Make it more of a priority in your day!

*BONUS TIP- when trying to plan s o c i a l events block out an-hour-or-two for a workout… then you know EXACTLY when you will be available to meet up for happy hour or that dinner date!

Exercise is proven to;

| boost your mood | make you feel healthier | clear your mind |

It is a definite MUST in our book when looking for some zen in life… get it done by scheduling your workouts!


In this crazy, constant world we live in

a little clarity is a must have

We hope these tips can help you clean up the ‘‘extra stuff’’ that has been cluttering up your life. How you like to keep organized and tidy in finding your balance is a learning process and ONE OF A KIND… and to that we say

bring on the new beginnings


happy libra season

Article Written By:

Kylee Lowee

Alexandra Maw