The Babe Behind Brow Magic, Melissa Pruett From MELT

Our community is full of BOSS BABES who have taken normal, every day careers and turned them into

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We know the power of surrounding ourselves with *high-vibe* individuals and how their positive energy can L!FT & !NSP!RE others to do greatness themselves. We have gone out and met with some of the most

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Melissa Pruett

…aka THE Brow Magician & CEO of MELT in Old Town Scottsdale

When you think of the PERFECT BROWS, you think of this brunette beauty. Her [passion and love] for her :craft: is not only clear from the obvious success of her ——> lovely local studio spa {MELT} but also in her voice as she talks about what she loves to do. We are honored to have \\collaborated// with her and to have spent some time in her beautiful space where THE VIBES ARE HIGH, and the services offered are of the upmost quality.

MELT offers a series of services, some of which include:

  • facials

  • sugaring

  • spray tans

  • lash services

  • demaplaining

  • microblading

  • and of course… brow magic

Melissa's philosophy on health, beauty and wellness is a must read and will make you want to ==>

take your self care to the next level

Check out our interview below to learn more about Melissa's top business and skincare tips >> as well as her favorite wellness ritual… which we can honestly say, leaves us i n s p i r e d to incorporate into our own daily routine… enjoy!

. . . . . . .

"Challenges are inevitable whenever someone sets out to reach new heights. I have found that on this journey, the greatest obstacle we face is mastering our own minds."

- Melissa Pruett

. . . . . . .


Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do!


"Hey Babes, I'm Melissa aka The Brow Magician! I established MELT nearly 5 years ago out of my obsession for eyebrows and it's evolved into a full blown movement empowering women to elevate themselves through beauty!”

“I love a good cup of (black) coffee, adventurous travels around the world, and cuddling up my chiweenie pup, Niblet."


How did you get started in the beauty industry and what's the story on how you started MELT?


"Looking back, it's so funny how things always work out how there're meant to. [[Little]] Melissa was cutting all of her Barbie's hair, playing dress up, and sneaking into her Mom's makeup stash every chance she got. Even though I spent the majority of my life planning to be a surgeon, it's safe to say I was always DESTINED to be in the beauty industry.

It wasn’t until I became a laser client that it actually dawned on me that it would be such an enticing career; I quickly signed up to become a laser technician and by default, a licensed aesthetician.

After school, I just really really R E A L L Y loved eyebrows. Like really. Obsessed. This was some time before the brow trend become BIG but knew that my passion for eyebrows was going to inspire me to do two things:

1. Become the best brow artist I could possibly be. Insert hours and hours of binging on brow photos, videos, trainings, and practice my master CRAFT.

2. Share it with as may people as possible! Insert the birth of MELT and the thousands of clients I've been honored to touch."


What has been one of the greatest challenges you've faced in your business?


"One of the GREATEST challenges I've faced, that I'm sure any business owner can fully relate to, is juggling the various hats that we never anticipated wearing. The brow artist quickly becomes

+the accountant

+the marketer

+the Bob-the-Builder

+the problem-solver

+the web designer

+the shop cleaner

+the inventory manager

+the event planner

+the HR department

+the client scheduler

+and so much more

In the beginning, I did it all. The challenge is that while we do the best we can, we can’t actually do ((100 jobs)) with ((100% effort and efficiency)) and we surely aren't experts in all of those areas. Instead, we spread our PRECIOUS energy too —t h i n— pulling ourselves —f a r t h e r— away from our expertise and true passions; so many business owners give up as a result of overwhelm and burn out."


How did you overcome it?


"Finding work-life balance and hiring exceptional help have been a few key ingredients in overcoming this challenge. 

I'll always cherish the days I worked 16 hours; it was necessary at the time but I'll never go back to them. In those early years, I -built the foundation- to now enjoy a healthier work-life balance, which is so much more sustainable to prevent the above-mentioned burn out.

I learned to be ::c o m p a s s i o n a t e:: with ::m y s e l f:: As an admitted perfectionist and busy bee, I have a hard time not always being hyper-productive and doing the MOST. It's taken practice to relax, take time for myself, and to not feel guilty for being "unproductive" sometimes.

I've also teamed up with some incredible people, who are experts at what they do, to *lighten* some of the load and allow me to focus on the work I LOVE doing while {growing the brand}. When done well, delegation is a beautiful thing!"


What has been the greatest reward you've seen in your business?


"Humans have a |[d e e p desire]| to belong and be a part of something BIGGER than themselves; growing MELT to be so much bigger than myself, where I can have a much GREATER impact, is the most rewarding feeling."


What is an interesting fact that most people don't know about you?


"Most people don't know that if I had to go back and choose any other career, I would be an A S T R O N A U T! I'm a science geek @ heart and my #1-DREAM-COME-TRUE would be going to space!"


What is your favorite wellness ritual?


"One of my favorite wellness rituals is setting up my own at-home MINI-SPA-NIGHT. I mix it up with everything from smudging my condo with sage, playing instrumental music, burning incense and candles, a salt lamp glowing in the corner, my bath F U L L of essential oils and Epsom salts, lining my tub with all of my favorite crystals, putting on a homemade mask, and soaking all of my stresses away. One thing I always ensure to do… turn my phone on airplane mode."


How do you incorporate nutrition/health into your beauty/skincare routine?


"Nutrition and health are such a HUGE part of my beauty and skin care philosophy. Just as we choose >>high q u a l i t y foods<< to put into our body for nourishment, the ingredients we choose to put onto our skin are so critical to its health and function.

Our skin is our body's L A R G E S T organ and a couple of its primary roles are to absorb and protect us. That’s why I'm —>relentless when it comes to the products and cosmetics I choose to use on my clients and myself."


What is your favorite can't-live-without beauty/skincare/lifestyle tip that you'd like to share with our community?


"My best tip is to start with a professional today and get on a healthy, effective at-home regimen [[no matter what age you are]].

1. What we do every morning and night is so critical to keeping our skin .:healthy & youthful:. Yes, professional treatments are amazing, but they aren't as effective with a poor ‘daily routine’. The same way we can't workout once a month to get a 6-pack but eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That one workout won't outweigh a poor daily diet.

2. I hear SO often of ladies not washing their makeup off at night, using >over the counter products< that aren't right for their skin, or simply not using any products on their faces at all.

Even if you are young or "don’t have any skin issues" you need a regimen the same way you need to nourish your body with macronutrients & micronutrients even if you're not unhealthy or overweight. Skin care should be seen as proactive, preventative and protective."


What is your favorite service to do on clients and why?


"Microblading is undoubtedly my favorite service and MY SPECIALTY. It's my ART form where I get to create a one of a kind masterpiece on my lovely client's canvas. The transformations are -incredible- and the way my clients are overwhelmed with joy form their new, semi-permanent eyebrows is .:p u r eMAG!C:. To top it off, I get to spend about 2-hours chatting together and falling in love with people I meet."


If you could recommend one service you provide at Melt that anyone could benefit from, what would it be?


"Everyone can benefit from our Signature MELT Away Facial. During this 60 min treatment, we customize every step for your *genetic skin type and *visible skin conditions. We cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and protect your unique skin all while encouraging you to MELT away in pure rejuvenating B L I S S."


If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting their own business, what would it be?


"If you're taking on a +new endeavor or +starting your own business, I highly encourage you to get your creative juices flowing! Make yourself a ||vision board|| by cutting out pictures from magazines or write out all of your goals on some B I G poster board. Hang it up somewhere you'll see it e v e r y day and imagine how it will FEEL to have accomplished them. It might sound a little woo woo, but this sh*t works!"


What is your favorite thing from Kaleidoscope?!


"Aaaahhh so many delicious goodies! But my FIRST LOVE has always been the Anton's Spinach Green Juice - it's so refreshing, refueling and not too sweet!"

We hope to have brought you some

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Thank you so much, Melissa, for opening your doors (& arms) to this collaboration with us!

Alexandra Maw