Bloggers and Bloguettes

Welcome to Kaleidoscope Juice!

If you have been into one of our many Phoenix local spots, the kaleidoscope of color juices may seem overwhelming to a cold-press newbie.

We frequent questions such as,

“Why cold-press?”

“Which option is good for detoxing?”

“What should I drink if I feel a cold coming on?”

“When is the best time to cleanse?”

We know…. it is a lot… but we have a lot of answers! To help navigate, we want this blog to be a guide for you to better understand the methods behind our madness.

Why Choose Kaleidoscope?

We at Kaleidoscope are passionate about helping you improve your life and our community through our products. We firmly believe that the way we feel determines how we live our lives. Our Scottsdale and Phoenix clients understand quality, which is why we offer cold-pressed juices and high vibe foods that are completely organic, raw, and non-GMO.

We Run on Love

Whether it be love for each other, love for ourselves, or love for our bodies, we understand the value of treating others and ourselves right. We offer the highest quality products to keep you happy, healthy, and full of love for your body.

Bloggers and Bloguettes

With the introduction of our blog series we will be breaking down our menu to share nutrition facts on everything from our superfood smoothies, herbal tonics, high vibe foods, enriched waters, to so many more magical items! In upcoming postings we will be detailing the benefits of each juice, discussing the value of buying organic local food, focusing on nutrition education, and sharing general health and wellness advice we find to be interesting! We have felt called to make more of an impact to reach more by teaching more.

Be sure to follow our instagram page @kaleidoscopejuice for our latest and to find the link to follow over here!

Come See Us

If you have ever considered starting a juice cleanse or trying organic, cold-pressed coffee, come on in and see us! Our k-scope squad is very knowledgeable, full of recommendations, and loves to shed light on our juice love. We are just as as passionate about our product as we are about the community who we serve. Stop in today to find your new favorite!





Article Written by: Jordanna Riccitelli

Alexandra Maw