Be Immortal

let us be a guide


As a complete meal and arguably

the perfect smoothie

...there is a reason we call this shake Immortal Machine

The Immortal Machine smoothie is packed with superfoods and  b o t a n i c a l boosts to fuel busy days, while nourishing you with sustainable energy.

We created this SIGNATURE SHAKE as an equal counterpart to the busy-bee lifestyles we all lead. Keeping up in such a fast paced environment can often feel like a constant balancing act. While we unconsciously keep stress and anxiety in our back pockets with lives constantly on-the-go, many times we are able to visibly see and feel the physical repercussions {maybe though irReguL@r sleep patterns or weight change} What we neglect to realize is the |-internal effects-| these stressors have on our bodies too. Sustaining under these conditions we continually produce cortisol (the stress hormone) which in excess can be a threat to our cardiovascular system functionality.

--->don't fret

Holistic superfoods and herbal remedies -:a few of our favorite things:- can play a key role in helping to counteract and to even *reverse* negative effects that cortisol contributes to.

Superfoods to the rescue!


Adaptogens: like those found in the Immortal Machine, are herbal supplements that help the body A D A P T to both

- - - - - - - - - internal stressors : like poor diet or illness - - - - - - - - -

- - - external stressors : like demanding jobs or hectic schedules - - -

Proprietary combinations of plant extracts, herbs, and naturally occurring phytochemicals have the innate ability to WORK TOGETHER on a molecular level to promote overall well being by balancing hormones, stress, and anxiety.


Our bodies are like tiny ecosystems,

with  t r i l l i o n s  of microorganisms

and   b i l l i o n s  of facets working together to support

YOU and only YOU

. . . each of us are so special ! 

now lets return the favor


.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Every ingredient in the Immortal Machine smoothie is one we have strategically added to ||meet the needs|| of a complete meal (+)P L U S superfood boosts suitable to fuel us busy-bees.


* A L L  O R G A N I C *



BANANAS besides their high deliciousness, they also get a bad wrap for being high sugar & high carb BUT the RICH FIBER content helps s l o w absorption of their natural sugars to -stabilize- blood sugars for a :constant: ~flow~ of *energy*

RAW LACUMA a peruvian fruit helping support skin health, digestion, and cardiovascular health

HEMP PROTEIN a plant protein power house source of -20AMINOACIDS- including the nine e s s e n t i a l AA's your body is unable to produce on its own

GLUTEN FREE OATS gentle on our digestive tract :: adds taste & texture for a savory mineral rich shake

ARRIBA CRIOLLO CACAO a variety of cacao bean that is especially high in antioxidants, essential minerals, and promote healthy heart function <3 

WHITE KIDNEY BEAN EXTRACT steadies <blood sugars> by slowing carbohydrate absorption and controlling insulin activation 

ALMOND BUTTER our natural selection --> basically almond puree <-- is totally packed full of heart healthy #FATS&FIBER

MACA this adaptogen is a relative of the radish family and helps with *Hormone Balance and *Energy Enhancement

WILD HARVESTED SHILAJIT mineral rich  a d a p t o g e n i c  herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine for its detoxifying qualities and ability to enhance healing effects

ALMOND MILK [House Made & Hand Squeezed] with L.O.V.E. to avoid shelf life stabilizers and preservatives

ASHWAGANDHA Phytochemical rich herb used to improve thyroid function, boost immunity, while also =reducing stress and anxiety=

MACUNA extracted from a vine bean pod, influences | brain neurotransmitters | that boosts dopamine production to improve mood, BALANCE DOSHAS, and enhance libido 

CACAO NIBS these little gems come from c r u s h e d --> cacao beans and are packed with flavonoid compounds that can stimulate serotonin&endorphin production in our brain… to make us :FEEL THOSE POSITIVE VIBES:

AMLA commonly known as a gooseberry, this powerful antioxidant helps combat cancerous disease, fortify the liver with {goodness} and enhance intestinal absorption

CINNAMON acts as a STRONG antioxidant and improves c i r c u l a t i o n while stabilizing blood sugars

show me the numbers:

er 24 ounces

  • Protein = 40g
  • Carbs = 100g
  • Fat = 24g

Nutritionally speaking, this is perfectly proportioned to suffice as an adequate 'meal replacement'. We know these look scary and the numbers may seem like... 'wow' but what we focus on most intently in the nutrient density of what it provides.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

We Are Grateful 


We are able to have access to such AMAZING wholesome health promoting ingredients. We create each&every ' Immortal Machine Smoothie ' with thoughtfulness, positive vibes, and LOVE because we know each&every individual has made it to our door hoping to

feel nourished body mind and soul.


Make sure to keep following our blog for our continued

Smoothie Series!






Article Written by: Jordanna Riccitelli

Alexandra Maw