Get Glowing

Glowing skin is always in.

What it takes to get that *natural healthy glow* can feel overwhelming… even just downright impossible. Between the treatments, the products, the home remedies & routines…

where do you even start? 

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

We believe beauty on

the o u t s i d e

starts on

the i n s i d e

We are here to give you our TOP TIPS for | enhancing | your skin’s natural beauty - using our favorite natural products. 

+C O L L A G E N

One of our ‘fav’ ways to —>improve your skin<— is supplementing with this m@g!caL BEAUTY |powder|. As the main structural protein in various connective tissues in our body, it facilitates FIRMNESS&ELASTICITY in the skin when taken as a supplement.

The benefits of range from:

  • joint support

  • digestion improvement

  • builds muscle and burns fat

One of the most notable benefits:

  • hair, skin, and nails

Hair grows FASTER & is SHINIER



Collagen can be added to anything ---> from a plain glass of water to an açaí bowl... trust us, we’ve tried it all! They can be purchased at any of our stores and can be added upon request to any of your f a v o r i t e -Drinks & Smoothies- from behind the bar!

Our favorite brands are

  • Vital Proteins Marine Collagen

  • Bulletproof Bovine Collagen

Adding COLLAGEN into your daily supplement regimen is a simple and effective way to ensure your skin has

what it needs on the inside to reach your


on the outside

+H Y D R A T I O N

Another tip high^ on our list is to ———> hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE!!! Mayo Clinic reports:

[ The skin is made up of about 60% WATER ]

Studies have shown for years that drinking an adequate amount of water on a consistent basis can make a D R A S T I C & lasting difference in your skin. This simple tip is one of the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways to…

:: love on your body ::

:: it will love you right back ::

Our Strawberry Collagen Illuminating Water (a K-SCOPE signature) is specially designed to boost hydration status, while simultaneously >enhancing< the quality of skin below the surface with the benefits of collagen.

+J U I C I N G

Next, our favorite skin tip.

The nutrients and antioxidants found in a COLD-PRESSED JUICE play a major role in your skin’s health. Juice Has The Power to detoxify your insides which facilitates a |c l e a n - complexion|.

The anti-inflammatory agents naturally present in juice also allow for reduced *breakouts *redness and *acne.

Deep greens are your best friend

and your best bet for skin focused benefits

We also recommend anything high in (VITAMIN-C or VITAMIN-A). The Trinity, Crown, or Turmeric Flush are perfect juice options!

+A D A P T O G E N S

We are SO l.o.v.i.n.g on Adaptogens for beauty needs at the moment.

Adaptogens come from natural herbs, roots and mushrooms that have been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years to help the body adapt to stress.

Luckily, they are now so accessible we have access to some a m a z i n g pre-blended products with some serious high quality ingredients; that over time, have legitimate long lasting results.

Here is a list of some of our favs and why we L O V E them so much:

  • Moon Juice Beauty Dust:

    Beauty Dust® is an adaptogenic blend of transformative .:SUPER.HERBS:. +plus pearl extract to help combat the effects of stress while expanding your b.e.a.u.t.y. ~luster~ & [g l o w] from within.

    We love mixing this into smoothies, coffees, matcha… basically everything.

    See it on our menu--->The Beauty Latte

    Featuring Beauty Dust® with cashew butter, collagen, nut mylk, beet powder and rose petals. HGHLY recommend for real, long lasting results. 

  • Pearl Butter’s “Beauty Butter”:

    Our cult-favorite collagen-boosting butter that started it all. Activated pearl (Cleopatra’s beauty secret) and shavegrass (one of the richest plant sources of silica) for glowing, lit-from-within skin.

    This stuff looks and tastes like frosting… I REPEAT… LOOKS AND TASTES LIKE FROSTING. If this alone does not excite the kid in you, it also has some grown up purposes too. It helps even out skin tone and stimulates your bodies natural collagen production!

    we’re all about it.

    We love d-r-i-z-z-l-i-n-g it on everything and anything we can think of ((seriously)). Blending it into a tonic or into a latte, even just enjoying it by the spoonful…

    i repeat… we’re all about it.

  • Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Vegan Collagen Protection:

    ‘PRESERVE & PLUMP’ A vegan blend of skin-protecting superfoods to help preserve your (n a t u r a l) collagen while hydrating skin from the inside out. Nourishing and detoxifying, this creamy supplement helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to protect skin from free radical damage.”

    Vegan Collagen... sounds like an -oxymoron- right? Luckily, the babes @ Moon Juice know better than to let the vegans just sit sideline to the


    They developed the perfect blend to help boost the body’s natural reproduction of collagen. So now EVERYONE can join the party :) and have p l u m p b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l skin!

  • Four Sigmatic Superfood Beauty Blend:

    “Contains 5 widely used beauty herbs, berries and mushrooms including =schisandra berries= (also known as “beauty berries”) and =tremella mushroom=. Made of only full-spectrum ingredients, vegan, gluten free, GMO-free, and NO additives or preservatives.”

    || Four Sigmatic is a serous scope FAv ||

    It is a genuine h i g h quality, noticeably effective product that we just can not get enough of. This beauty blend for skin health is high up on our list how how to GET G L O W I N G from the inside out. 

+T O P I C A L S

It’s what you use on the outside! Various ->natural r e m e d i e s<- aid to general skin health as they are a great tool to:

prevent & treat dry skin

protect & heal sensitive skin

tone & texture improvement

We’ve got several s q u a d favorite products -up-on-deck- to share with YOU. Each one comes from small companies we LOVE & TRUST.

Healthy lifestyles go beyond what we put inside, it about al the stuff we use on the outside too! *Makeup* & *Lotions* & *Potions* can be just another tricky way {[chemicals or poisons]} can enter into our body… this is what makes natural skin care so so SO IMPORTANT!

  • Cocokind Organic Cleansing Oil:

    “The perfect way to wipe away a day’s stress, dirt and makeup – without the use of h a r s h chemicals. This cleanser is full of antioxidants and helps maintain healthy moisture levels.”

    This cleanser is pure, safe, and effective. The ingredients are all things you can find in your kitchen cabinet... which makes us want to shout from the rooftops how much we…


  • Sun Potion Solar Rose Water:

    “This high-vibe /m i s t/ is excellent for Auric cleansing, heart-opening, skin soothing and cellular hydration. Essential oil infused alchemy for Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit.”

    Use after cleansing for the anti-inflammatory properties and help rid redness and rosacea, a.c.n.e, dermatitis, and e c z e m a. It’s what you have been waiting for without even knowing it.

    ‘a treat for your face that will leave you smelling like a rose garden’

  • Booda Butter Daily Moisturizer:

    “This enlightened blend of gentle —> yet powerful ingredients has a [smooth creamy texture] that [m e l t s] on contact and absorbs deeply for blissfully long-lasting moisture to calm, soothe and nourish your skin.”

    Where do we start? This stuff not only works like actual MAGIC, but also smells like heaven.

    It is a s e r i o u s l y serious obsession.

    It can be used on your face, hands, elbows, toes, just ALL OVER your body. Again, made with the cleanest ingredients, what you probably have chillin’ in your pantry… which is just so cool.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Skincare can be complicated


it can be clean and simple

We prefer the latter. We hope these - tips - tricks - and product recs help you make the right choice for you! We stand by our belief that

||:| skin is only as good as what is going on on the inside |:||

We hope to continue to provide you with tools and knowledge to

live your best life

(with a natural healthy glow while you’re at it)


. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Important To Note - We are not brand ambassadors to ANY of these products. We do have close company affiliations and do not get paid to promote any of these items. WE JUST LOVE THEM!!

Article Written By: Kylee Lowe

Alexandra Maw