Cleanse Instructions

Preparing For The Cleanse

Congratulations! We are excited to be a part of your cleansing experience. Whether it be your 1st juice cleanse or your 30th, each cleanse is a chance to adapt and grow. You are motivating the body into detoxification. The process allows your digestive tract to rest from robust food consumption by only using organic cold press juice to obtain pure, bioavailable nutrients.

It is essential that you prepare your body for a cleanse. Juice prep involves a lot of water, little to no caffeine, and completely voiding the collection of processed foods. The reasoning behind a clean prep is to aid your body with a more social detoxification process. On a juice cleanse, the body is consuming less calories, shifting into a calorie deficit. In this state, toxins found in your adipose tissue (fat cells) will release and circulate in the blood. Any notable "brain fog," irritability, and as we like to refer to it “junk food hangover," is derived from fat tissue mobilization of toxins in the blood.

This is also the HUGE reason why we ALWAYS use fruits and vegetables that have not been sprayed by pesticides in our juices. You are making the educated and dedicated decision to purify the mind, body, and spirit through a juice cleanse. Our goal is to remove harmful toxins, NOT add them back in with genetically sprayed fruits and vegetables. The more toxins stored in fat cells, the harder it is to break down, and ultimately, the harder it is to lose weight. Often toxin build up is to blame for a slowed metabolism and stubborn weight gain, so for us, using the best ingredients is non-negotiable. 

During The Cleanse

Now that you know our cleanse prep of clean, plant-based, hydration focused foods, we can discuss what to do during your cleanse. Everyone is different. Check in with your body regularly during the fast. We recommend staying reasonably active to keep up with your body’s cleanse mobilization. Mobilizing is in the form of sweat, urine, and other excretions as a way to remove toxins in the bloodstream. Make sure that you are drinking juice when you feel hungry. We do not recommend saving them for specific times because you will abstain yourself of proper nutrition, often causing feelings of exhaustion. As always, keep up your water consumption, especially between juices. We usually suggest cleansing with family or friends to create a fun support system during this process, while encouraging growth in your relationships.

Breaking The Cleanse

Breaking the cleanse will be different for everyone, much like the body’s response during the cleanse. People may notice a shift in appetite, fewer sugar cravings, and even spiritual enlightenment. You will want to give your body 2-3 days post cleanse of light solid food integration. You should focus on foods that serve you. We often recommend a plant-based diet on your first day back. However, if you do operate efficiently with animal products, keep them clean. This includes certifications containing, but not limited to, organic chicken, grass fed beef, pasture raised eggs, and wild caught fish. Assimilate back into your regular routines with a newly refreshed nutrient-driven lifestyle.

*We highly recommend that you consult with your physician

before, during, and/or after your cleanse to see if a cleanse is

right for you or if you experience any issues that are concerning.