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Juice cleanses are often synonymous with weight loss and fasting. At Kaleidoscope Juice we believe juice cleanses should encompass so much more.

Juice cleanses should be a component involved in your personal ascension. The science and spirit behind fresh fruits and vegetables aid in harmonizing the human body through vital organ synchronicity to achieve optimal health. So don’t look at a juice cleanse as something to simply “clear out the liver” or “reduce water weight” - even though it does a myriad of both.

Juice cleanses are an opportunity to feed every cell of your being into enlightenment. Fruits, vegetables, Chakras, and colors all play a vital role in our cleanse to ascension.



Energy centers within the body that regulate processes associated with psychological functions and emotions


Safety, Grounding and Security


Emotions, creativity and sexuality


Social self, power, and energy


Love, compassion, and integrity


Authenticity, personal truth


Intuition and Inspiration



Wisdom and transcendence



 The root, or base, starts with your adrenal glands. This is your space of ‘fight or flight’ response. You hold your security and sense of safety within this space located at the base of your tailbone. We all strive to feel rooted in a community and grounded as individuals. If we do not, it can manifest in negative forms. Often distorted eating, obesity, anorexia and even knee troubles can arise in an un-rooted individual.

A spike in your adrenals follows an intense root base trigger. This occurs when we are stressed, causing a release in cortisol at the sign of risk. To support this response within our cleanse spectrum, RED ROOTED colors and protein packed juices are encouraged. Protein’s amino acid sequencing is essential for detoxification. High vitamin C found in red/pink fruits and vegetables aid the adrenal's ability to properly balance cortisol production, supporting mobilization of stress.


 Next, we drift to Sacral Balance. This is our center for fertility, reproduction, and colon health. Our sense of creativity and emotions are housed within this area of our bodies. It is crucial for imagination along with sustaining profound relationships at work or within friendships. The organs responsible are bladder, kidneys, and large intestine (especially the large intestine since it pulls water from the body in order to properly remove waste). THIS IS YOUR FLOW! You need to stay hydrated in order to dispel what disrupts your flow.

Remember our first desired root or base chakra, and if we are stressed out our cortisol spikes? Imagine spiking your cortisol thousands of years ago, it looked like this… worrying about starvation or surviving extreme weather conditions without proper shelter. During times of stress the body was only focused on one thing, survival. Now, flash-forward to the stress in our every day lives. We encounter elevated pressure in the work place, relationship or financial turmoil, health complications, and often over-prescription of xenobiotics (prescriptions) for said health conditions.

Xenobiotics over time, may lower or raise testosterone and estrogen levels affecting our reproduction. Even over-exertion can alter these levels, such as females expending intense exercise for prolonged periods of time. In this case women may get what is called the athlete tirade, where a female loses her period due to over-exertion. The off balance of this improper root chakra, with cortisol influence can disrupt the FLOW to our sacral region often putting fertility, reproduction and colon health at risk. This demonstrates the necessary link between root and sacral chakra.

The support responses within our cleanse spectrum are ORANGE colors. The benefit of healthy fats and tropical fruits, such as citrus, aid in balancing our flow. Phenolic rich citrus fruits allow for absorption into your intestines through compounds such as polyphenols, and work as free radical oxidizers to prevent cellular damage. When consumed regularly, phenolic compounds may lower inflammation while healthy fats play a productive role in healthy adipocyte levels and their production of estrogen.

Solar Plexus

 Third, the solar plexus is synonymous with the digestive system and blood sugar levels. Here, an individual’s work life balance and energy production are affected. The associated organs are the pancreas, gall bladder, small intestine, and stomach. This is where our food is turned into energy, the driving force behind our work and passions. The terms ‘fire in the belly’ or someone ‘feeling burned out’ are correlated positive and negative chakra responses. The power and confidence exuded from the sacral center can be strengthened through healthy, natural YELLOW colors. Warming spices such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, chili, cinnamon and cardamom are often associated with digestive support and compliment low burning, low glycemic fruits like pears, apples, and grapefruits.

Items such as vegetable oils, like rapeseed (canola oil) have been engineered artificially since the early 20th century, and let’s face it, who has ever heard of or seen a canola seed? The answer is no one. It’s a highly processed and pesticide laden derivative from rapeseeds. Another ‘fake yellow’ to be mindful of is Suclarose, which is easy to spot since it is in bright yellow packaging. Ironic. Suclarose chemical structure is comprised of 3 chlorine atom attachments to carbons. When they’re artificially attached in Suclarose creating chlorocarbons, the human body cannot recognize it and will not correctly metabolize. Long-term use causes stress on your metabolism and even weight gain.


 The fourth step is the Heart Chakra. This is your ability to love yourself and others! It includes your lungs and specifically your thymus gland, which sits between your lungs. Your thymus makes white blood cells called T-lymphocytes that fight infection and are crucial for immune development. The thymus starts to shrink after puberty. Interestingly enough, puberty is usually the time our self doubt, self conscious, and most unloving thoughts about our selves emerge. Correlation? Maybe!

When It comes to matters of the heart you NEED to take care of yourself emotionally. If you are not practicing self-love, effects on the body that can arise are insomnia and high blood pressure. A full heart displays generosity, gratitude, and needs lots of GREENS. The phytonutrients packed into leafy greens are what protect plants and when consumed by humans can protect us. High antioxidants fight inflammation and free radical damage, which in turn lowers blood pressure. One of our favorite greens is chlorophyll. It can bind to carcinogens that develop when cooking red meat and remove them from the body.


Now we are going into the transformation and change center of the body. The throat chakra located near the thyroid, mouth, ears and nose is where we seek our true authentic self. When off balance we store anger and have a hard time letting go. Hyperthyroid, and skin issues such as acne, rashes, and eczema may arise along with sore throats. Throat chakra blocks appear from vocal oppression in relationships where an individuals ‘voice” is not heard.

Often being told not to fully express ourselves by a significant other or family member is the culprit. The color profile we like to associate with is BLUE. Our beautiful sea algae based juices offer a wonderful complex of vitamins and minerals aiding in thyroid response. Cruciferous vegetables and spinach are brilliant zinc sources supporting T3 (Thyroid hormone) production.


Our bodies have transcended from the root, flowing into fire, love, and accepting ones authentic truth, to now reaching a level of insight. Our pituitary gland is responsible for initial hormone release that acts as the master gland receiving information from the hypothalamus. This deals with wake patterns, emotional behavior, and food and water intake.

The positive + negative equilibrium are aided by mood modulating combinations. We look for these mood-stimulating balances in our kale and parsley combos. This blend enhances estrogen metabolism and rich iron concentrations aiding in pituitary function.


Finally, we have reached optimal wellness and the point of ascension where spirit is just as involved in your physical wellness as it is your spiritual guidance. Your spirit refers to the pineal gland and specifically the response to light modulating your circadian rhythm.

Active components from parsley, fennel, kale, and cilantro support the liver for proper circadian rhythm response. A more transcendent aspect of our pineal gland allows communication to our higher self where our bodies find connectedness to higher power and spirituality. The colors WHITE and PURPLE are our cleanse spectrum. Found with garlic, coconuts, blueberries, beets and ripe pears.


 We recommend our unique juice blends throughout the cleanse ascension guide because they have been created to deliver an all-encompassing health approach.
Kaleidoscope’s goal is for the customer to become his or her own health advocate by recognizing their own physical + emotional setbacks. These barriers all have a unique origin, and personal path to recovery.

We hope the customer becomes empowered, equipped, and inspired to ascend into their own version of optimal wellness through our juices. We may not be the final or only solution but are honored to be a part of your wellness journey.